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COVID-19: What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe?

Our installers and staff are FULLY vaccinated against CVID-19. The health and safety of our customers and employees is always our highest priority. Free Attic is constantly monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 and we are taking extra precautions to ensure safety.

Booking Your Appointment:

You can book your project by completing the simple form on our 'Contact Page'

Or, simply call us at:  647-725-2555.

What We Are Doing:

  • Surfaces are being disinfected regularly

  • Training employees based on the most up-to-dated guidelines of Ontario Public Health and Enbridge Gas.

  • Encouraging employees to avoid unneeded contact

  • Maintaining visitor logs at our offices

  • Promoting proper hand washing to all employees

  • Asking employees properly maintain physical distancing

  • Updating our employees with information on COVID-19 as it becomes available

  • Providing health and safety instructions to reduce the spread of any airborne illness

  • Use of health and safety gear, such as masks and gloves, when performing the installation in your home

  • Asking employees showing signs of illness to remain at home

  • Asking employees who have traveled outside of Canada, or who have been in contact with someone who has traveled outside of Canada, to follow the Government's guidelines on COVID-19

  • Asking employees to follow all Public Health recommendations


Some of the more common questions our valued customers are currently asking about our precautions. We want you and our employees to feel safe when we enter your home. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions if you have any concerns.

Q: Is Free Attic doing anything differently when entering my home?

A: We have always used masks and gloves when required for health and safety reasons related to our line of work. This has not changed for us, but we are increasing the use of masks and gloves by our crew members to increase the safety of both our customers and our employees when entering homes.

Q: Can I request that any employee visiting my home wear a mask and gloves?

A: All of our employees are already provided with masks and gloves. These will be used when entering your home. PPE that comes in contact with high-traffic surfaces will be changed regularly.

Q: Are your employees knowledgeable about COVID-19?

A: We provide consistent updates to our employees about COVID-19, how it is spread, and the precautions that can be taken to prevent this. These updates are shared through our routine safety talks. Our employees are already equipped with health and safety gear, including masks and gloves, when entering customer homes to install insulation.

Q: What information surrounding self-monitoring and self-isolation are you providing to your employees?

A: In addition to consistently communicating safety precautions, we have provided all of our employees with access to Ontario's COVID-19 self-assessment and How to self-monitor.

You can contact us with questions you might have by calling:  647-725-2555 or, by emailing

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